Alexander Tinei
(1967, Caushani, Moldova)
Lives and works in Budapest

Alexander Tinei is a Moldovan artist, who has worked and lived in Hungary for more than a decade now. The starting point for all of his works is some photo found in the media. After that he places his chosen characters into a new context, making their bodies unique via vein-like, colorful, stigmatic signs. The details painted with almost anatomical precision are contrasted with often roughly made, abstract surfaces. Besides his emblematic oil paintings, he also creates collages, acrylic and aquarelle paintings, graphite works and installations, but besides the canvas he primarily works on paper, and recently he started repainting photographs. The main focus of his art is the relationship between time and the human body; the surroundings and objects rarely play a significant role. On the other hand, time is presented in its permanence, as the bodies removed from their original context, the photos and images, always appear in some kind of a strange, gloomy, dream-like, timeless space.


1988-1991, Chisinau Repin State Collage of fine arts, Moldova

Exhibitions at Erika Deák Gallery

2020     Partly sunny, mostly cloudy 
2019     Floral Centrepiece
2017     Soul on fire
2015     The Soul We Once Loaded (with Johan Tahon)

2014     On Paper
2011     Studiovisit (with Bazil Duliskovich)
2009     I Collect All My Tears
2007     No Distracion
2006     Where have you been?

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020     Partly sunny, mostly cloudy, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
             Ando Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2019     Roots, DCS Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
             Shown by the Roadside, Galleria Doris Ghetta, Ortisei, Italy
2017     Solo, Ando Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
             Soul on fire, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2015     The soul once we loaded (with Johan Tahon), Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014      Blue Bird, Ando Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
             Solo, Gallery Dukan, Paris, France
2013     Why do not you say hello ever again?, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Magyarország
2012     TINEI – SZÜCS, Hussenot Gallery, Paris, (with Attila Szűcs), France
             Strange Light, Tajan, Paris (with Attila Szűcs), France
             New works, Frissiras Museum, Athen, Greece
2011     Portraits of ambiguity, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York, USA
             Studiovisit (with Bazil Dusilkovic), Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010     All about me, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York, USA
2009     I collect all my tears,  Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2007     No distraction,  Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2006     Where have you been?, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2005     Lost in the Forest, Kultur Kontakt, ArtPoint Gallery, Vienna, Austria
             Free Post Cards, K.Petrys Ház Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2003     Spring Fields, Martino Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
             Hungarian Parliament and Lathe, Aorta Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova

Selected Group Exhibitions             

2020     Darkness - Best of, Selected Artists, Berlin, Germany
2019     Arcana, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
             High Five! 5 Years, Galleria Doris Ghetta, Ortisei, Italy
             Floral Centerpiece, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
             Just beneath reality, Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018     Skin, DSC Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
             Me, Myself and I. The Portrait In Contemporary European Art, Galerie Artdocks, Bremen, Germany
             Trauma-Distress-Ecstasy-Emptiness-Formulas of Pathos 1900-2018, Zapadoceska Galerie (zpc-galerie), Plzen,
             Czech Republic
             Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 2: Breaking God's Heart, Galerie Selected Artists at Külhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany
             Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 1, Galerie Selected Artists at Külhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017     YIA #11, Galerie Dukan, Paris, France
             Disruptive Imagination, Művészetmalom, Szentendre, Hungary
             Behold the man, Kunstmusezm Magdeburg, Germany
2016     Metania (with Johan Tahon), Galerie Dukan, Leipzig, Germany
2015     Violent Unknown Event, Galerie Dukan, Paris, France
             The fantasy of representation, Beers Contemporary, London, U.K.
             Gute Kunst? Wollen!, Auf AEG, Nurnberg, Germany
             The Nude in the XX&XXI Century, S2, London, U.K.

2014     S2 Gallery, London, U.K.
             On Paper, Deák Erika Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2013     On Paper, Eigen+Art, Berlin, Germany
             Group Exhibition, Eigen+Art, Leipzig, Germany
             Portrait, Galerie Dukan, Paris, France
2012     Twilight, Modem, Debrecen, Hungary
2011     After the fall, Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, USA
             Prague Biennal, Prague, Czech Republic
             Human, Gallery Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark
             Spinart , Ana Cristea Gallery,  Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
             East Ex East , Brand new Gallery, Milan, Itay
2010     After the Fall, HVCCA, New York, USA
             Strichtly painting, Voges Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
             Revolutionary Decadence, Kiscell Museum, Budapest, Hungary
2009     Prague Biennal, Prague, Czech Repiblic
             Show Me a Hero, Calvert 22, London, U.K.
2008     The new force of painting, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece
2007     Eclectic affinities among  European artists, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece
             Visual Immortality , Projektraum M54, Basel, Switzerland
2006     Art is Always Somewhere Else, Bucharest, Romania
             Fresh Ground, Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athens, Greece
             2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Shumen, Bulgaria
2004     Documenta, Regensburg, Germany
2003     The Last European Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia
             Aorta in Amisetae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands