Andrea Gáldi-Vinkó
(1982, Budapest, Hungary)
Lives and works in Budapest.

Andi Galdi Vinkó started her studies at the Eötvös Lóránd University Faculty of Art History and Aesthetics and graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Photography in 2011. She became recognized in the Hungarian, and at the international art field in a very short time and have gained serious international recognition in recent years. In 2014 her works was exhibited in London and New York. New Yorker noticed her art in an article connected to the New York Photoville exhibition and the series entitled Paradisco exhibited in the same year at the Deák Erika Gallery. As she seas, Paradisco is a series of sociological portraits, or rather socio-still-lifes, done in the past five years: „The melancholy of landscapes and still-lifes allow me to investigate the fragility and tenability of existence, it also allows me to ask questions about the perpetually valid symbols of vanitas, or about that roots of fear and frustration when thinking of the unstoppable probability and caducity of life.”


2011     Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Photography MA

2009     ESAG, Penninghen, Paris, France
             Eötvös Lóránd University of Social Sciences, Faculty of Art History and Aesthetics

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022     Sorry I Gave Birth, I Dissapeared But Now I’m Back, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
     Etudes, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest 
2015     Paradisco, Stourspace, London, supported by VICE

2014     Paradisco, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest

2013     Inside-Out, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2012     Candie’s Six, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest

2008     Between Friends, Mai Manó, Kismanó Gallery, Budapest

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022     My Obvious Presence, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
2021     Variations of Reality, Circulations, Fetart, MAC, Paris
2020     Visual Acts of Radical Care: An Exhibition of Feminist Artist-Activists from Central and Eastern Europe,
            YALE, Macmillan Center
            Five Weeks, Capa Center, Budapest
2019     FreshPaint, Telaviv, Israel
            Floral Centrepiece, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
            József Pécsi Photography Scholarship 2017, Robert Capa Center, Budapest
            Lost in Translation, Latarka Gallery, Budapest
2018     Millenials au féminin, Havas Gallery, Paris

            Pécsi József Photography Scholarship 2017, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest
            Lost in Translation, Latarka Gallery, Budapest
     Golden Boundaries, Youth Culture in Contemporary Photography, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography
            Center, Budapest 
            Galerie Du Club des DA, Arles Photo Festival
            Viewfinders, Hungarian Photography from the past half century, 1967-2017, Robert Capa Contemporary
            Photography Center, Budapest
            Instax, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
2016     Rock/Space/Time, InsideOut, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Beyond the Obvious – Contemporary Women Art from CEE,

            Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest

            Komfort, curated by Kata Oltai, Budapest, collab with Alessia De Pasquale

2014     Second Skin, Robert Capa Center, Budapest

            Slide Luck, Photoville, New York

            The Qabinet, London

2013     Janndi, Berlinskej Model, Prague

               In the kitchen, in bed, in public. Mai Manó House of Photography, Budapest

2012     XY-Human dignity and the MOME generation, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
            Bauer auf E4, Der Schaukasten (Ív&Candie), Wien
            Átlátás (Ív&Candie), Liget Gallery, Budapest
            LUXY, Hybrid Art, Design Terminal, Budapest
2011     Photo Diploma Award 2011, Poznan
            Biennial [With Szombat Éva], Dunaújváros
            Group Therapy, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Warsaw
            Hungarian Beauty, Iv&Candie’s Wonderland (With Szombat Éva), Cékl’art, Budapest
2010     Élmény Minden Tekintetben, Müpa, Budapest
            Cloud Factory, Iv&Candie’s Wonderland [With Szombat Éva], Mai Manó, Budapest
            Live Sync, Contemporary Photography From Hungary, Shanghai

            Many Years Later, With Clarisse D’arcimoles, Kiállítás Előtt Gallery, Budapest
2009     Photobiennial, Dunaújváros
            Szentendre / Art + Spring, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre
            The Danube Delta, Bucharest
2008     A Step Beyond, Ffs, Vam Design Center, Budapest
            Blocks Of Art [With Czene Márta], Nádor Gallery, Budapest
            Infusion, Boulevard And Brezsnyev Gallery, Holdudvar, Budapest
            Second Floor, Tűzraktér, Budapest
2007     Mik Vogymuk? – Szuvenír Design, British Council, Ponton Gallery
            Europafoto Hp- Győr, Miskolc, Sopron, Pécs, Eger, Budapest

Publications, interviews

The New Yorker, VICE, Dazed, iD, ExtraExtra, Photograph Mag, Harper’s, Numero Russia, 
Papermag, The Wild Magazine, Interview Germany, C-Photo, It’s Nice That, SPBH, NEON, 
Blood of The Young Zine, PS, Tank Magazine, Causette, Fotóművészet, Népszabadság, 
ArtMagazin, Business Punk, LABEAST, Balkon, Ex Symposion